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11th Class Elective Islamiat Guess Paper 2024

11th Class Elective Islamiat Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board.11th Class Maths Assessment Paper 2024 Punjab Board. First Year / 11th Class Islamiat Guess Paper 2024 Here are the first-year guest papers of the year 2024 or all subjects. Important questions and answers are given for the guess papers of all the articles in each post. BISE will take the 11th Class exam in May 2024 after the second year exam.

11th Class Islamiat PDF
ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1ToheedUrdu Medium
2RisalatUrdu Medium
3MaalikaUrdu Medium
4Asmani KitabeUrdu Medium
5AkhratUrdu Medium
6Irqane IslamUrdu Medium
7Allah Rasool(S.A.W) ki Mohabt o ItaatUrdu Medium
8Haqooqal EbadUrdu Medium
9Mashrte ZimadarianUrdu Medium
10Rehmatul AlameenUrdu Medium
11AkhowatUrdu Medium
12MasawatUrdu Medium
13Sabr o IstaqalUrdu Medium
14Afowo DarguzarUrdu Medium
15ZikarUrdu Medium
16Tarfe QuranUrdu Medium
17Tarfe HadeesUrdu Medium
18Muntkhib AyatUrdu Medium
19Muntkhib HadeesUrdu Medium

11th Class Elective Islamiat Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board,

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11th Class Elective Islamiat Guess Paper 2024

11th Class Elective Islamiat Guess Paper 2024View-Download

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11th Class Elective Islamiat Guess Paper 2024

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Elective Islamiat Guess Paper Punjab Board 11th Class

Guest papers on English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, Citizenship, Education, Islamic Studies, Economics, and all other subjects are being prepared and published on daily basis. Whenever I post a new post, please see the Gus Paper here. These guest papers are for all Punjab Boards and you don’t have to worry about the content. Detailed important long questions and short questions are given here. I have PDF source files of 2024 guess papers. Below are links to all guest papers of the 11th Punjab Boards.