Sharif College Of Engineering Admission 2024 Last Date

Sharif College Of Engineering Admission 2024 Last Date.Sharif College Of Engineering SCET Admission 2024 v– Apply Online. Admission to the college is strictly based on merit based on the results of the UET entrance test and F.Sc./A levels etc. Admission is by no special quota, reserved seats, or donations. So Nor is there an age limit for applicants. In fact, the College is open to men and women and to all individuals of any religion, color, creed, class, or domicile who are academically eligible for admission to the study courses offered by the College, and to any such individual. Will not be denied College privileges based solely on women, religion, color, creed, race, class, or domicile.

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The applicants must have one of the following qualifications with at least 60% overall marks or equivalent grades. Applicants must also secure at least 60% marks or equivalent grades in Mathematics and Physics.

1. HSSC (Pre-Engineering) with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry

2. So Three A-levels (Advanced Level General Certificate of Education) in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (D or above grade Mathematics and Physics) and seven O-levels.

3. American or Canadian High School Diploma with Mathematics (with calculus) Physics and Chemistry.

4. So International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma with Mathematics (with calculus), Physics, and Chemistry.

5. B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics

6. Three-year polytechnic diploma, in the same discipline as faculty, applied for, from a Pakistani Board of Technical Education

7. HSSC (Pre-Medical) having completed Additional Mathematics with at least 60% marks in the subject.

Note: Applicants with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry backgrounds can apply for all programs however those having studied Computer Science / Computer Studies in lieu of Chemistry at their HSSC or A-Level, can only apply for Computer Science.

All Candidates (including additional Mathematics Results awaited for Sr. No. 7 above) may apply for provisional admission if they have completed one of the above courses and are awaiting results. The confirmation of admission is however subject to submission of the result by the date specified in the admission offer letter.

Confirmation of all admissions will be subject to:

• So Submission of medical certificate of fitness from the Medical Center of SMDC, and

• An undertaking by the student and his father/guardian to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the College from time to time.

Sharif College Of Engineering Admission 2024 Last Date

The eligibility requirements for overseas are the same as for applicants from within Pakistan. However, they may replace the UET entrance test with the Academic Aptitude Test (SAT-II) in Physics and Mathematics (Mathematics IIC). Applicants have to choose only one basis for their admission i.e. entrance test or SAT-II, the option cannot be changed after one use. Candidates who file two separate applications for admission at two different bases are liable for disqualification.

Sharif College Of Engineering Admission 2024 Last Date

An application packet (including an application form, prospectus, So, and guidelines for applicants) may be obtained on payment of Rs. 1000/- (Application Package & Application Process Fee) by post or in person from:

1) The Admission Office, Sharif College of Engineering and Technology, Jati Umra off Raiwind Road, Lahore Ph. 042-37860301-10 Ext. 3005

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A person who has enrolled for the relevant Bachelor’s degree program in Engineering at a recognized (PEC, HEC) institution and has obtained 15 or more transferable credits with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4, can apply for admission to this college. Advanced position. To transfer from a local or foreign institution, So the applicant must pass the UET Entrance Test or SAT-II (Overseas Applicants) by obtaining a score equal to or above the minimum merit of the faculty, respectively. So Do what he wants. However, acceptance of the transfer request will depend on the availability of a seat, and the quality of the applicant’s academic work. Therefore please contact the Admissions Office for additional information and the application form,

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The service is made available on a first-come basis and on advance annual payment for lodgings while mess will be charged on monthly basis. So The amount is to be announced at the time of application. Only limited places are available for boys and girls.

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The college encourages female students to join the engineering profession. Due to the revolutionary advances in the field of technology, it is no longer regarded as the only male domain, So and it offers a much more lucrative career, tailored to women’s special breaks. The college has taken steps to provide a highly supportive environment for female students. SIt has a girls’ hostel, accommodating only 10 female students with all modern facilities, and a lady counselor to accommodate female students on campus.

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