I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2024

I.Com 2nd year Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board, Students are provided with a pairing scheme before conducting the I.Com Part 2 annual examinations so that they can avail assistance during the preparation phase of the examinations. The main reason for introducing a pairing scheme is to facilitate students and keep them updated on the distribution of questions from the chapters included in the syllabus.In addition, the pairing scheme 2nd year 2024 pak study allows students to get an idea of ​​the important topics that must be prepared before the exams to get good marks.

I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2024

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:      TIME:15 MIN                 MARKS:10


SHORT QUESTIONS                    SECTION   -1                           Marks:24

Q.2Attempt 6 out of 9 (Marks-12)Q.3Attempt 6 out of  9   (Marks-12)
Chapter           No.  of QuestionChapter                      No. of  Question
 1                          26                                    2
 2                          17                                    2
3                           28                                    1
4                           2 9                                   1
5                           110                                  1
Corona Virus        111                                   2

LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 2 out of 3)      SECTION – II                       Total Marks:  16

Q. NO. 4Chapter No.Q. NO. 5Chapter No.Q. NO. 6Chapter No.
Marks-81  OR  2Marks-84   OR    5Marks -86 OR 8 OR 9

Download Official Pairing Scheme:

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12th Class Paper Scheme Pak Studies

The Paper Scheme is issued separately for all the subjects of Class XII and every year the authorities provide a Paper Scheme so the candidates are advised to check the scheme issued for the current year and prepare accordingly.Candidates can check the peer scheme of the 2nd year 2024 according to the smart syllabus from Edcateweb.com without any hassle. Candidates looking for Pak Studies Peering Scheme can access it directly from this platform. In addition, candidates can view peer-to-peer schemes for other subjects according to their chosen study group. The pairing scheme is provided to students of all intermediate study groups including Arts, Humanities, and Science. Stay tuned to Edcateweb.com for more updates on Peering Scheme 2nd year 2024 Pak Studies and see the latest information.

I.Com Part 2 Pairing Scheme 2024

ICOM / Part 2 Pairing Scheme 2024
GeographyPrinciples of BankingPrinciples of Accounting
StatisticsEnglish Urdu 
Pak Studies