BA part 1 Education Guess paper 2024

BA part 1 Education Guess paper 2024.According to the regulations of BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper 2024, the annual examination of the BA part 1 will be held in the second year. It is also responsible for retesting after the annual exam allow private and students to take these two exams. The board of directors announces the Guess paper 2024 of the Punjabi BA part 2 in August each year. To pass a subject, candidates must score at least in the annual exam in the second year. This is the list of most important questions of Education for BA part 1. It can serve as a decent guess paper for BA part 1 as it included all important and the most important questions for the year 2024.  So, you can get good marks if you learn all these long questions.

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The BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper International Committee’s annual examination will start at the BA part 1 ICOM in July 2024, and the Guess (3rd Year) Paper will be announce in September (30-09-2024). Get the latest updates Continue to visit our page.To pass the second part of the exam, candidates must pass subjects with a total score of 300 points. After the Education BA part 2 of the second year are announce, the board of directors will issue a scorecard. After passing the second year exam, a certificate of merit will be award to the successful candidate.BA part 1 Education Guess paper.The list of important questions is give as an image. The English version of the guess paper is also give which you can copy to the notepad of your phone. 

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The BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper 2024 also awarded medals and cash prizes to 20 students who won positions. The Punjab Provincial Government awards outstanding scholarships to students. Details can be obtain from EDO (education) in related fields. The BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper 2024, Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper 2024 announce the Education BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper 2024 Committee for the second year of 2024 in the presence of teachers and students, as a Education BA part 2 announcement ceremony was in the main auditorium of the Committee.BA part 1 Education Guess paper .

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Candidates who have sent the BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper Part 2 annual exam application form, they have received BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper HSSC Part 2 Volume No Paper . Candidates completed the essay date and time 12 date table according to the test schedule already mentioned in their BISE Rawalpindi Level. When the BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper 2024 Education BA part 2 (3rd Year) Paper were announced, the BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper management department uploaded the BA part 2 (4th Year) Guess paper second year Guess Paper online.The best way to download the guess paper is in pdf. The image is also easy to open on any device. The important questions have been taken from the whole book of B.Education.

BA Part 1 education most important questions

  • تعلیم کی دو جامع تعریفیں، ان کی وضاحت اور تعلیم کے مختلف اسلوب
  • اسلامی نظام تعلیم کی امتیازی خصوصیات
  • ابن خلدون کے تعلیمی تصورات
  • تعلیم کے بنیادی عناصر، ان میں سے 3 کی تفصیل
  • تعلیم کے نصاب کی تعریف، اسکی اہمیت اور تدوینِ نصاب کی بنیادیں
  • علامہ اقبال کے فلسفہ تعلیم میں سے کوئی بھی ٹاپک
  • تدوین نصاب ک اصول
  • نصابی عمل پر اثر انداز ہونے والے عوامل
  • اچھے نصاب کی خصوصیات
  • پاکستان کی نئی تعلیمی پالیسی کے اہم نکات
  • قرآن و سنت کی روشنی میں فلسفہ تعلیم کی وضاحت اور اس کی نظریاتی بنیادیں
  • ووڈ ڈ سپیچ پر جامع نوٹ
  • تحریک علی گڑھ اور تحریک دیو بند کے مقاصد و اثرات
  • اسلامی نظام تعلیم میں مسجد کے کردار پر نوٹ
  • جان ڈیوی کا نظریہ تعلیم
  • تعلیم بالغاں،  ڈراپ آؤٹ،  ہم نصآبی سر گرمیاں، طریقہ تدریس پر نوٹ
  • نصاب سازی کے اصول

Education guess paper 2024 in English BA part 1

  • two apt definitions of education, their details and different procedures and styles
  • Distinguishing features of Islamic education system 
  • educational concepts of Ibn-e Khuldoon
  • Elements of education, explain 3 of them
  • the curriculum of education, its importance, and foundations of curriculum development
  • Any topic from Allam Iqbal’s philosophy of education
  • principles of curriculum development
  • factors affecting curriculum development
  • characteristics of a good curriculum
  • Important points/feature of new educational policy of Pakistan
  • Wooded speech, a comprehensive note
  • Aligarh movement, and Dewband movement, their objectives and effects
  • A note of role of mosque in Islamic education system
  • John Deve’s  theory of Education
  • principles of curriculum development

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