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9th Class Pak Studies Guess Papers 2024 Punjab Board

Notes: Start practice of these advantageous guess papers without wasting any hour. You will understand the importance of these guess papers in the examination. Hurry up students, its a time to make the preparation perfect by these guess papers 2024 class 9. You can check 9th class guess paper in pdf here and can also save them along with Class 9 Notes.

9th Class Pak Studies Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board. 9th Class Pak Studies Guess Paper – Notice PDF Guess Paper is for Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, DG Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board, and Sargodha Board. This is also for FBISE and the Federal Board. Students can also visit my other website which is a free study to download many other things for FBISE. In 2024, we’ve compiled and compiled class estimating test papers for 9th Class, and strive to achieve the best results with the least amount of effort.9th Class Pak Studies Guess Papers 2024 Punjab Board.

Guess Papers Punjab Board 9th Class Pak Studies

Guessing paper always evaluates important and common issues and saves you energy and time. As we know, the lesson of lesson 9 has already started, so get good marks with minimum effort. A quick and clever way to prepare for the exam with the assessment paper will help you get good marks. Every student wants to cover the whole curriculum, but it is difficult for all students. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare your next paper with the help of estimation papers. One way for smart students is to build all the smart buses, then guess and revisit all the important questions.

9th Class Pak Studies Guess Papers 2024 All Chapter
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Pak Studies Guess Papers

For the lazy students who can’t cover all the courses in class 9 and want a smart and easy way to prepare the test paper, the second is easy. Trust me, you will get good marks, but only if you have at least all the problems. That’s why we got the 9th estimate papers for all subjects in 2024. We were advised by the professor and the staff on board for these estimates. So I hope you can cover and read 60% of the papers, remembering all the lessons of Lesson 9. Collect all 9 level speculations and leaked papers in 2024. Download Level 9 Urdu Intermediate Assessment Test Paper for Pakistan Studies for Board. Director Examinations on this page.

9th Class Pak Studies Guess Papers

Here I have given estimates for all the subjects of the 9th class. If you want to get an estimate for all articles in Category 9 of 2024, you can get it. The following is the Pakistan Study Guess Paper of the Ninth Lahore Board in 2024. Now these guest papers can also be downloaded in PDF format. Although the PDF file guest paper also contains important long questions, I have put it here. A picture of long questions to download in pictorial form as well. You can see a list of all the important long questions given in the picture here.

9th Class Pak Studies Guess Papers

Here are another 9th grade Pak study speculation papers and I would suggest looking at them too. Therefore, you should also download the guest paper of Study 9th Class of Bihar-ul-Alam. The link is below.
This is the 9th grade Pak Study Urdu Medium Estimates Paper for all Punjab Boards for Board Examinations. The assessment paper is general and not specific to any particular board. The appraisal paper is in PDF format and you can easily download the file to your computer or smartphone. The link to download the file is given below the image. Good luck, dear students! 9th-grade exam papers for all subjects are online.

9th Class Pak Studies Guess Paper 2024

Short Questions :Unit #1

  1. Toheed?
  2. Aqeedah e Risalat?
  3. Nazrya Pakistan?
  4. Allama Iqbal ne Muslim millet K bare kya frmaya??
  5. Do Qomi nazrya?
  6. Aqliyyeton se mutalliq Quaid ka frman?
  7. Lafz Pakistan kub tujweez kya gya??

Long Questions

  1.  Islami iqdar jo nazrya Pakistan ki asaas hain?
  2. Allama Iqbal k irshadat ki roshni Main nazrya Pakistan?
  3. Hindustan Main muslmano ki muashi halet??

Short Questions: Unit #2

  1. Crips mission ki Teen tjaaweez?
  2. Jinnah Gandhi muzakrat 1944 Quaid ka jwab?
  3. Kabeena mission main plan main sobai group ki tushkeel??
  4. Qrar Dad e Pakistan ka mutn??
  5. Aboori hkoomut mai shamil wuzra K names??
  6. Rollet Act 1919 pr Quaid ka moaqquf??
  7. Quaid ne Safeer e amn ka khitab kaise paya???

Long Questions

  1. Quaid ka Pakistan ki tushkeel Main kirdar?
  2. Hindustan main no abadyati nizam??
  3. Cabina mission plan 1946 ???

 Short Questions: Unit #3

  1. Junglat ki kmi ki wjoohat???
  2. Pakistan ka muhalle wqoo??
  3. Zmeeni aloodgi Main kmi k lye iqdamat??
  4. Drra tochi OR Gomal kis pharri silsile pr waqe hai??
  5. 5 glaciers K names??
  6. Pakistan K 5 qudrti khitton K names??
  7. Toba kakerr ka pharri silsila khaan waqe hai??
  8. Durend line kise kehte hain? Mahol se kya murad?
  9. Pakistan K 2 berajon K names?

Long Questions

  1. Aabo hwa ka insani zindgi pr asr?
  2. Dryaon ka nizam? Junglaat ki ahmyet?
  3. Mahol ko drpesh khutraat??

Short Questions: Unit #4

  1. 1956 k aain ki 5 islami dufaat?
  2. 1965 ki jung Main behrya ka kirdar?
  3. 1965 ki jung K 2 asbaab?
  4. Malakund division kaise bna?
  5. Muashi traqqi??
  6. Wahid shehryet?
  7. Radcliffe ki ghair munsfana tuqseem??
  8. Union council OR Union committee ?
  9. Pakistan ki ibtdai mushklaat?
  10. Qrar daad e Mqaasid?
  11. Mushrqi Pakistan ki alehdgi ki wjoohat? 1962 ka aain??

 Long Question : Unit #5

Islam main ortooon ka muqaam OR huqooq?