1st Year Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

1st Year Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board



Official Scheme

Scheme are Given Below:


The Urdu class 11 paper scheme 2024 is provided to the students every year as it offers information about the division of questions from each chapter.It also guides the students in their preparation for the exams so that they can put some extra effort to do the preparation according to the paper scheme and get a good marks.

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11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board. Modern Urdu course is offer to students by Punjab Board. Due to this course, students are able to understand their Urdu language, read, write, etc. Students who want to understand Urdu poetry or want to become poets themselves will enjoy this course the most. Learning advanced Urdu widens the horizons of students about the language and they appreciate it further.11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board. This means that students will gain skills in writing appropriate essays, understanding poetry, and increasing their vocabulary of Urdu words. Understanding these key skills is the main goal of this course.11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board.

Exam First Year paper schemes 2024

This paper scheme is an essential part of your success. The reason behind this is that the paper scheme draws the attention of the students towards the topics which will definitely appear on their paper. Be clear about what will be test on exam day; Provide clear guidance to students on what they need to study. It gives them clear goals to achieve in their exams. Advanced Urdu Eleventh Class Paper Scheme 2024 is attache below on this website. Furthermore, students should know that all the boards coming under the Punjab Board, such as Lahore Board, Multan Board, Sahiwal Board, etc., follow the same paper scheme issued by the Punjab Board.To be successful in Advanced Urdu Paper, students must have the latest 1st year Urdu Peering Scheme 2024.

Given Below 11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

In the 11th Class Urdu papers, there are 20 MCQs according to the following scheme. 

سلیبس MCQs مارکس
شعری و ادبی اصطلاحات 15 15
حصہ نثر و نظم سے سوالات 5 5

Subjective Part of 1st-Year Urdu Paper

The Subjective Part of the 11th Class Urdu Paper has the questions according to the following marks distribution.

Question No. Chapters Marks 
Q.2 (الف)(نظم کےاشعار کی تشریح) حصہ نظم میں سے دو اشعار کی تشریح کرنی ہو گی  5 x 2=10
Q.2 (ب)(غزل کےاشعار کی تشریح) تین اعار دئیے جائیں گے تینوں  کی ہی تشریح الگ الگ  کرنی ہو گی۔ شاعر کا نام لکھنے کا 1 نمبر بھی شامل ہے 3×3+1=10
Q.3 (پیرا گراف کی تشریح) سیاق و سباق کے حوالے سے دو میں سے ایک پیرا گراف کی تشریح کرنی ہو گی۔ 10+3+1+1=15
Q.4 (سبق کا خلاصہ) دو اسباق میں سے ایک کا خلاصہ لکھنا ہو گامصنف کا نام  لکھنے کا بھی 1 نمبر شامل ہےایک سبق کا خلاصہ پہلی آدھی کتاب اور دوسرا دوسری آدھی کتاب سے آئے گا ۔ 05
Q.5 نظم کا خلاصہ )) نظم کا خلاصہ لکھنا آئے گا ۔  5 مارکس 05
Q.6 خط یا درخواست)) مکالمہ یا روداد یا رسید میں سے کوئی بھی آ سکتا ہے سوال   10
Q.7 درخواست)) درخواست پرنسپل کے نام یا کسی محکمہ کے افسر کے نام لکھنی ہو گی۔ 10
Q.8 عبارت کی تلخیص)) عبارت کی تلخیص کرنی ہو گی اور مناسب عنوان تجویز کرنے کے بھی 2 مارکس ہیں  10

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To successfully and productively revise, past paper practice is essential. After learning your Urdu syllabus, it is important to test yourself. The best way to find out if you have understood all the topics is to practice past papers. Examining yourself will help you to identify all the weaknesses in your field of knowledge. So you focus on overcoming your weaknesses and increasing your chances of getting exceptional grades. In addition, past paper practice teaches you to manage your time better. So when you are taking your final exam, you will not be under the pressure of time and will not finish your paper on time.

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Candidates who are preparing for the 11th class annual examinations are advise to check the second year pair scheme. The main purpose of presenting a pairing scheme is to make students aware of the chapters that should be prepare before taking part in the annual examinations. There are various study groups in Intermediate which students can choose according to their choice, so check out the FSc 11th Urdu Peering Scheme and prepare accordingly. Through the paper scheme, candidates learn about the distribution of questions from the syllabus. So be sure to check the second year’s peering scheme and plan accordingly.

11th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2024

Generally, students consider Urdu as an easy subject so they do not pay attention to it but the candidates are advise to pay equal attention to the preparation of this subject for the annual examinations also. During the preparation for the annual exams, students study comprehensively and cover the curriculum so that they can score well.To find out more about the 11th class 2024 Urdu paper pairing scheme, keep in touch with Edcateweb.com and get the latest updates without any delay.The pairing scheme facilitates students to prepare for exams and students cover the curriculum in less time. In addition, by following the pairing scheme, candidates can pass the exams with maximum marks.

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